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How to Resolving Wifi Issue With Ubuntu 18.04


Hi Guys, No wifi? Will get this solved in a matter of time. This wifi issue can occur in many instances.

  • Dual Booting laptop with Windows
  • Clean Installation of Windows
  • And even after sometime of installation

For this it is necessary to have a internet connection. Plug in a Ethernet cable to ensure there is connectivity to the internet.

First take steps to identify the issue. lshw -C network. The output should be something like this


The start off with the following commands. You can copy paste them.


During this step we will be cloning the remote git repository to our local mechine.

Then navigate into the cloned git project folder

Now write a configuration file use sudo -i to become the root user

Both the above Sudo make and Sudo make install will take a bit a time. Now become the root user and reboot. After the reboot it will show the available wifi networks.


Enjoy the wifi now! Look into our other Linux Related posts here.

ps : This worked perfect for Ubuntu 18.04 Laptop Dual booted with Windows 10. (Lenovo IdeaPad S340)

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